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Lady Christie

I am terrified of the dentist also but let me tell you the way you feel afterwards is great. Just let them know upfront you are scared and they are normally very comforting. I cried during my whole visit and the woman held my hand and gave me a hug before I left. They really treated me great and made me feel comfortable. Even when the oral surgeon was doing the work on my mouth the original dentist who had seen me came in and held my hand part of the time. Here is a link to Soulights dental resources page, trust me on this nothing is worse then the pain you are going through now, it will be a relief to know that you will feel so much better once your work is all done.
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I am afraid of the dentist due to a bad experience, so I let my teeth go for several years, I have a 5 year old son, who I live for, and my teeth are now causing me severe problems to the point where I am in pain almost every day or so, and very self concious about my teeth and smile, I even stopped socializing and going places because of fear and being afraid of what people might think of me, I am doing this so I can be happy and content and more out going for the sake of my child, its not his fault so he deserves to have a mother her is happy and pain free and a mother who can interact with him in every activity and aspect of his life...... So if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it, and even pay it forward in your time of need......... sincerely ann

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